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October 2018 Raffle Winners

Our kind Big Sandy vendors donate items for the raffle during each shoot. The split the pot raffle drives revenue to the local school near the shoot. Keep our neighbors happy! Thank you vendors for making the raffle so much fun.

Winners and Donations

1. Steve Chudyk won belt buckle, record book, from Tom Austin.

2. Dave Doss won 9 mm tracer from Jim Haak

3. Fred Trach won 9 mm tracer ammo from Jim Haak

4. Mikey Thompson won 45 acp tracer ammo from Jim Haak

5. Bill Guiette won a $50.00 gift card from Sportsman's Warehouse in Tucson.

6. Jon Blayloch won $50.00 gift card from Sportsman's Warehouse in Tucson.

7. Matt Chojechi won flares from UN-Ammo

8. Todd Bymoen won flares from UN-Ammo

Money Winner

Tony Lueng won half the pot and donated half the winnings back to the school. A big thank you to Tony for his generous donation. $1,373.00 has been donated to the Owens Whitney School in Wikieup, Arizona.

Fall 2018 Photos

387 images from the 2018 Fall Shoot are up HERE

Fall 2018 Match Results

Click Here for UPDATED October 2018 match results.

Fall 2018 Raffle Winners

Click Here for October 2018 raffle winners and prize donations.

SAR-West Gun Show 2018

MG Shooters LLC will be promoting the Big Sandy and the NFA community with a display and contact point at SAR-West gun show. 30NOV-02DEC 2018 at the Arizona state fairgrounds in Phoenix. See the SAR Page for more info.

Future Shoots

  • Spring: 22-23-24 March 2019
  • Fall: 18-19-20 October 2019

    Updated Guidelines

    To keep us all on the same page, these are the expectations of all attendees at the Big Sandy Range
    Guidelines - CLICK HERE

    Big Sandy Range Rentals/Lease

    Contact Kenton Tucker
    for dates and rates

  • Private camping events
  • Testing programs
  • Video and film production
  • Special FX audio/video
  • Private machine gun rentals
  • Aerial gunnery
  • Motor-cross
  • Airsoft
  • Paintball
  • Desert survival
  • Desert horticulture
  • Orienteering
    The range has minimal EPA regulations. Contact us for information.

    Training Class/Packages to include:

  • Marksmanship
  • Sniping
  • Submachine gun
  • Combat pistol
  • Carbine and shotgun

    2018 MG Shooters LLC