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Canceled March/October 2020 Shoot Credit: If you have a credit from the March/October shoot, please still complete a form, either via mail or electronic. Mark in notes March credit.

Shooter Instructions:

Mail In Registration

  • Download the PDF registration form.
  • Print and complete the document.
  • Each shooter must have a separate, completed form.
  • Attach payment check (payable to MG Shooters LLC) for all applicable fees.

Mail forms and payment to:

MG Shooters LLC
P.O. Box 5672
Scottsdale, AZ 85261

Electronic Registry and payment

  • 1.) Register online
  • 2.) Return to this page and pay online
  • Registrations will not be finalized until payment is received.

The Big Sandy shoot requires an entrance fee and registration. Because this event is very popular, shooting positions are in short supply. Do not wait a week before the shoot. If you've had a spot on the line, to keep your spot, it's best to register as soon as possible. If you are a spectator, there is no pre-registration. Just pay at the gate.

We anticipate great interest and encourage everyone to submit their application forms early. Please send in your applications with your friends to ensure we are placing you together on the line and list the type of firearms you will be bringing to provide for optimal line placement. Tell our extended machine gun family, in the event their name did not get on our mailing list, about the shoot and have them print an application off our website. We pride ourselves in our effort to provide everyone with a safe place to shoot, have fun and visit with their fellow machine gun shooters.


Prices subject to change
  • EARLY REGISTERED SHOOTER $300 Early Registration, before 25FEB21
  • SHOOTER FULL PRICE $325 at the gate
  • Special Family Shooters Package $900 Family of 4 - See below
  • MATCH FEE $20 For Registered Shooters Only
  • CANNON SHOOTER $300 $325 at the gate
  • CANNON HELPER $150 $175 at the gate
  • VENDORS $150 Non shooting space, $175 at the gate
  • VENDORS + SHOOTER $450 Vending on the fireline
  • SPECTATOR $35, No pre-registration, pay at the gate and have fun!

Fee Details

FAMILY SHOOTERS DISCOUNT - MG shooters supports family activities and encourages families to enjoy the Big Sandy. The package is for family members- which would include spouse and children, 21 years old or younger, all shooting on the same spot, using the same RV parking. How a family rate is calculated: Head of house hold $300, partner $200 and children under the age of 21 are $200. - Family group pricing: $900 family of 4, $700 family of 3, $500 family of 2.

Cannon fee is $300 per shooter, with helpers being $150. Registration at the gate is $325 (Cannon shooter) and $175 (Cannon Helper) with line position based on space available moving towards the west side of the line. The gate to the property opens at 0730 hrs (7:30am) and locked at 22:00 (10pm). Camper side outs can not extend into the adjoining spaces. For updates about the shoot, check out the homepage or contact the managers directly for special situations via about us.

Shooters can usually get spaces on the line on the day of the shoot. First come, first served basis, with spots on the west side made available. If the line sells out, MG Shooters LLC may be able to pair you with another position. Space is not guaranteed.


Spectators do NOT pre-register for the general shoot. When you arrive at the range, please stop at the registration camp for entrance fees ($35 ea) when you arrive on site. Exception: Spectators will pre-register if they are interested in any of the matches or training classes.

Spectators can compete in Big Sandy matches using their own weapon system. FULL AUTO not required. An extra $30 fee (per person) is required that gets you access to one or all matches you want. Check MATCHES for details on available matches.

Spectators do not need to register as a shooter to rent full auto weapons. However, you can only fire the rental weapons at the rental line position, run by MG Shooter's LLC. See RENTALS for more information.

Spectators can also attend firearms classes. 30 minute classes for sniping and tactical carbine for $30. Also one on one, 60 minute classes for anything you wish to be taught such as combat pistol. The cost of the special one hour class is $60.

TRAINING: If you want training while at the Big Sandy, include a short note requesting the class you wish to be taught. You should provide the weapon to be used in training, but one could be provided. Contact Kenton Tucker for details. The class fees are in addition to our regular entrance fee for the event.

Prices subject to change. See you at the shoot!

Register For The Shoot

Registration For Spring Shoot

Registration for the spring shoot of 2021 is now open. You can download your form HERE or visit the registration page.

For questions about the shoot, the range: Kenton Tucker 602-327-7933

Long Range Shooters

500 yards? 1000 Meters? Check out the Big Sandy Long Range Shooters group BSLRS on Facebook Join them on their monthly matches held outside of the public Big Sandy event. Info: Colt Howard; 928-710-7353,

Letter to 2021 Shooters

Kenton and Ed's Spring 2021 shooter's letter CLICK HERE

Next Shoot:
19-20-21 March 2021

You've been waiting, don't miss it!

Fall 2019 Photos

220 pictures of the October, 2019 shoot have been uploaded. See the Gallery HERE

October 2019 Match Results

Click Here for October 2019 match results.


To keep us all on the same page, these are the expectations of all attendees at the Big Sandy Range
Guidelines - CLICK HERE

Big Sandy Large Group Rental

If you and five other friends would like to shoot but don't have your own firearms, Big Sandy can rent you something from inventory during the shoot. To make advance arrangements, please contact Kenton Tucker 602-327-7933

Big Sandy Test Center and Range

For use of the Big Sandy Range for private or commercial purposes, please CLICK HERE

Training Class/Packages to include:

  • Marksmanship
  • Sniping
  • Submachine gun
  • Combat pistol
  • Carbine and shotgun

    Kenton Tucker 602-327-7933

    MG Shooters LLC
    P.O. Box 5672
    Scottsdale, AZ
    (480)990-0189 Fax
    Spectator Questions

    2021 MG Shooters LLC