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Next Big Sandy Shoot
24-25-26 OCT 2014

From Ed and Kenton:

Post Big Sandy Shoot, April 2014,

Upon arriving home Sunday night, I had an email waiting for me with a constructive suggestion regarding our shoot and want to see how you feel about this. One of our shooters suggested that we have a one hour night shoot on Friday and a longer night shoot on Saturday. We like the idea and want to run this by you in case you have some other ideas or thoughts on this matter. We did cut the Saturday night shoot short, closing at 9 PM as there was not much activity taking place at that time; that was our mistake.

It was great having this shooter make the suggestion and want to thank him. When people are leaving the shoot they all say what a great time they had and look forward to the next, but seldom give us helpful suggestion. Please feel free to email us some of your thoughts in the future, they will all be taken seriously.

We are working on a family plan for those of you who wish to bring families members, but have not worked out all the details. Right now we are looking at charging one family member the $250.00 and then additional ones would be $150.00. A family would be husband, wife, and kids.

Also looking for ideas, now that we have the road up the west side of the range, for cannon targets other than barrels, metal plates, and cement blocks. Please send us your suggestions and, if feasible, perhaps with your help we can continue to make the needed improvement on making this shoot better.

Ed and Kenton

Big Sandy Spring Match Results

Winners and others posted. See the matches page for details.

Big Sandy Raffle Winners

Winner's Page

Big Sandy Spring Pictures

The Spring Big Sandy went very well. New photos are HERE. Take a look.

Training Courses

Next class: "Introduction to the art of a Sniper" 8 hours. $250. Registration for this class and course details can be found on the new training page.

Big Sandy Range Rentals/Lease

Contact Kenton Tucker
for dates and rates

  • Private camping events
  • Testing programs
  • Video and film production
  • Special FX audio/video
  • Private machine gun rentals
  • Aerial gunnery
  • Motor-cross
  • Airsoft
  • Paintball
  • Desert survival
  • Desert horticulture
  • Orienteering
  • Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs?
    Training Class/Packages to include:
  • Marksmanship
  • Sniping
  • Submachine gun
  • Combat pistol
  • Carbine and shotgun

    October Shoot Dates Announced

    The Fall Big Sandy is slated for 24-25-26 OCT 2014. This shoot will mark the 10th anniversary of the Big Sandy. Make a note!

    2014 MG Shooters LLC