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NRA Board of Directors 2017

Bob Mansell and Ed Hope

Bob Mansell for NRA 2017 Board of Directors

Elections for NRA are rapidly approaching and we would like to remind members of the NRA that our very own Robert Mansell is running for the board of directors for the NRA. Not only is he a member of the machine gun family but also an Arizona shooter and hunter. Please check out his biography and please pass it on to other NRA members that you feel would be helpful in getting Mr. Mansell elected. Thanks,
Ed Hope


Nominated by the NRA Nominating Committee. NRA Benefactor Member and Life Member since 1984. Lifetime shooter, hunter, and outdoor enthusiast.

Member of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission 2011 to 2016, serving as Chairman 2015-16. As Commissioner, promoted the establishment of 5 new public ranges in Arizona. Lobbied the Arizona Legislature for passage of Laws allowing suppressors and high capacity magazines for hunting.

Testified before Congress representing the State of Arizona on wildlife issues that required the USFWS to honor mitigation requirements. Promoted the AZ Game and Fish Expo, highlighting the shooting sports and conservation with attendance over 35,000 yearly, targeting youth recruitment and retention.

Received the Honorary Life Member award from the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies for lifelong contributions to conservation. Outspoken advocate promoting pro 2A local and AZ candidates.

Public school superintendent, CEO of a Federal Credit Union, City councilman and hospital board member. Member of NSSF, AZ Citizens Defense League, NFA

Freedom Alliance, FFL for 40 years and current FFL/NFA manufacturer.

Gunsite Graduate, NFA Collector, and 3000 hour instrument rated pilot.

Married to my wife Sandy for 47 years. Two daughters and three grandchildren.

Please visit my website -
Facebook - @mansell4nra
Twitter - #Mansell4nra

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Letter to 2017 Shooters

Kenton and Ed's spring 2017 shooter's letter CLICK HERE

Letter To 2017 Spectators

Ed and Kenton's spring letter to our faithful spectators who are able to attend the 2017 March event. CLICK HERE

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Sure Shot Exploding Targets will again be our chief auxiliary explosion supplier with their binary reactive targets. Special for spectators: They will have smaller 22LR targets and a special firing position where you can shoot at the explosives for a small fee. Of course Sure Shot will also supply the Big Sandy window rattlers for the prime range- These full power machine-gun targets will be in addition to the normal Big Sandy one inch targets, placed at every break. Any of their products will be at a discount to Big Sandy attendees at their booth on the firing line.

Bob Mansell For NRA Board

The Big Sandy supports Bob Mansell for board of Directors UPDATED INFO - Click Here Late January 2017

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